Welcome to Love My Element

I have had a family blog now for 3 years.  Periodically I would post a recent craft, a new recipe or a home renovation project.  But, these posts would always seem out of place and random amongst our daily family activities.

I finally decided to start a separate blog for all the creative and fun things I do when not busy with everything else going on.

I read once that, “your element is where passion and skills collide”.  This quote resonated with me and what I do in my free time.  This is why I decided to title my blog, Love My Element.

When I thought about what I wanted to focus on with my blog I could not decide from the many random hobbies and activities I enjoy doing.  So if you chose to read or follow my blog here are some of the many hats I wear:



(actually my boys bring in the eggs)




(I guess I should admit I painted this from looking here. Shh don’t tell)


(Ok, my husband built the shelves, but it was my idea)


Amateur Photographer

(that is continually wanting to improve)



(Or at least I like to think so)



( Who is only a year old so he will be getting bigger!)


(These were for my son’s 4th birthday)

So how could I have a single subject blog with all these things I enjoy doing?  So if any of these subjects interest you, follow or subscribe to Love My Element and become a fan on facebook.

12 thoughts on “Welcome to Love My Element

    • Thanks Dara for your support. I was going to put preschool teacher on there because I am planning to posts about crafts we do in preschool but I did not have a photo without kids faces.

      • Thats good thinking….add that to your list! You can post one of you and Madison if you want too…

  1. This is great and just makes me more jealous of all of your talents but you are always so good to share. I still want to come and see your new bedroom and bathroom. I want some of those yummy recipes….I am so not with it. I have no ideas for dinner except reservations.

  2. Love it and all the cool crafting. Already some great blog posts, especially since you’re cool enough to include a not-pregnant picture. We’ve all got those. By the way, I’ve got the same dress as your fashionista photo! There are times I will see something cute in the store and think of you. I’ve always loved your confident style. –Cousin Jenn

  3. Hey girl!!! Love the new blog! I’m excited for a closer peek into your creative side. I want more info on those chickens. My sister and I both really want to have chickens. You’ll have to do a post on what its like!

  4. super cool blog! Your family one always seemed like the newspaper for your family and this one screams: CHELSEA!!! 🙂 Very fun and full of personality–look forward to being able to see all your fun projects 🙂

    • Thank you Lisa, my family blog is really a journal for me. Especially since I print it off as a book. This craft one I will be able to show what I do when I am not busy being a wife and mom. Thanks for your support!

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