Office Redecorating is on Hold

Last week I moved everything out of our office/craft room.

I thought the only way to organize and go through it all was to get it all out of the room first.

So this is what the guest room looks like with all the supplies, computer, paper, files, tools, wraping paper, ribbon and more.

I then painted the office and was getting ready to start to put everything back into the office by organizing, labeling and sorting.

Then we experienced a freak rainSTORM yesterday and when I walked downstairs I was shocked to see the office window well full with rainwater and it coming through the crack of the window.

What would you do?

Grab a bucket to get the water out of the well

A towel to stop water from coming in

Or go for help?

I went for help and ran to my neighbors and in the next 15 minutes had 7 people at my house with buckets asking how they can help.

Unfortunatly water had already gotten though and soaked half the carpet.

So this is what the office now looks like.

Carpet is pulled up and fans are running.

Once it is dry we have new pad to lie down and we will stretch the carpet and then I can get back to redecorating the office.

But the paint color looks nice right?

And one more picture for you…

My son snapped this of me when I was taking the camera away from him.Β  I look pregnant and I am not!

Anyone want to join me at the gym tomorrow πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Office Redecorating is on Hold

  1. Oh no! How crazy! I’m so glad your neighbors were there to help you!! What cool people! But your poor office… Hopefully you can restart the remodel soon and post LOTS of pictures!

  2. Thanks Jamie. I am hoping to get the carpet back down by the end of the week. Then I can start to put the room back together and yes I will post pictures. Thanks for your support!

  3. Sorry to hear about your flood! You are awesome to even post that not pregnant picture of youself. I think it must have been a freak angle . . . do you go to Gold’s? Come Zumba with me Sat at 11:30. πŸ™‚

  4. haha! Love that last picture. DOn’t you love seeing pictures of yourself and thinking – I look like that?? But really, I am sure you just ate or it was a weird angle – probably both! Sorry to hear about your office!

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