Spray Painting Office Chair

We bought this chair a few years ago from DI for a few bucks because we needed more chairs around the house.

Not that anything is wrong with it, but I am looking for a lighter look for the office.  It is actually a very solid well made chair.

So off to Lowes for supplies.

Easy Liquid Sander $5.48

12 oz White Primer Spray $3.78

12 oz Everglade Satin Spray Paint $3.78

Step 1 Was to use the Liquid Sander.  I have never used this stuff before, it was great.  You squirt some onto a rag and rub it all over the wood.  It gets rid of the gloss and roughens it up a little so that the spray paint can stick.  I think it is a great alternative to using sandpaper which with a project like this would have taken a long time with all those round dowels.

Step 2 was to spray with primer.  I actually did two coats and still did not use the whole can.  Just make sure you look at every angle and make sure it is all covered.

Step 3 is the fun part where all your hard work pays off and you get to see what the chair is going to look like.  Again I did 2 coats.

  These projects are great to spread throughout the day because I would spray a coat on and then go do the dishes.  Then another coat and weed the flower bed.  It does not require your full attention from start to finish.

Now I could have stopped here for a clean, polished and colorful look.  But I am going for the more of a rustic, worn cottage idea.

So I took the trusty hand sander.

(Thanks to my sister Tamara for letting me borrow hers.  I have borrowed it numerous times, I just need to buy one.)

This part did make me a little nervous after all the work spray painting, but I liked how it turned out.

Then I took another one of my favorite craft supplies and added one more layer of color and texture.

I bought this Distress Ink from Hobby Lobby and it comes in different colors.  You can always use regular stain, but this goes on quick and easy and does not need time to dry.

And here is the finished project!

Pilot wanted to get in the picture 🙂

I hope this has inspired you to paint something in your house and realize that it is OK to paint over natural wood even though the older generation might think it’s blasphemy.

Now go and try it for yourself!

Go here to see the pillow I made for the chair.


22 thoughts on “Spray Painting Office Chair

  1. (blog looks great, chelsea!)

    cute chair – never heard of that sanding stuff before… and there’s tons I want to paint…
    does it seem very toxic?

  2. Oh sooooo cute…LOVE that color!!! Hop over and show her off at my weekly party.


    I’m having an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Giveaway…hop over and enter…ends at midnight 8/7.

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    • Thank you MJ. Your blog is spectacular. I love your bathroom redo. What a difference! You have done a lot of work on your house. I love the bright clean colorful pallet you are going for.

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