What I have been working on today

Before I rush off to bed (my husband just turned to me and said, “You looked tired”)  I wanted to show you that the office is starting to come back together.

We got the carpet laid back down and moved the furniture back.

I put the new green chair back with its mommy.  I redid this desk as well and I will tell you more of that later.

(Do not mind the stray Rainbow sandal)

I painted the ceiling gray and then started a long stenciling process.

I think it is going to turn out amazing!

Spider Man and Iron Man wanted to get into the picture.

Good Night!

4 thoughts on “What I have been working on today

  1. OK…so I am finally getting a chance to look at your new blog! I love it! I am so excited to see all the fun stuff you do. And I LOVE LOVE how the desk and chair turned out! You are inspiring me to refinish some things!

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