Out Picking…


When we moved into our house we were lucky enough to have a cherry and apricot tree already planted and giving fruit.

For the past 2 years we have not gotten any cherries because of late frost, but the apricots never seem to disappoint.

So I grabbed a ladder from our neighbors(can you believe after 4 years of owning a home we still do not own a ladder?  We just have such nice neighbors who are always willing to loan us one.) and set to work.

I sorted the apricots right when I picked them off the tree.  the ones with large blemishes or that had been half eaten my birds went straight into the trash can.  The good looking ones went into the white bucket and the perfect large juicy ones went into the white bowl to put in the kitchen to eat.

Pilot even enjoyed a few.

I had fun being up in the tree, on a cool day, with a nice breeze picking yummy apricots.

Tomorrow I have a date with one of my friends for a Jam Session.  We are going to make freezer jam and apricot nectar.

Those things are always more fun to do with friends!

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