The Green Chair Has a Pillow

I have gotten a great response to my Spray Painted Chair Redo.

I wanted to share with you the pillow I made for that chair.

If you are friends of Love My Element on Facebook you would have seen that I had purchased a few things about a week ago from Hobby Lobby.

Some ladies go get their nails done to get out of the house, or go clothes shopping.  I walk around Hobby Lobby!

I was not exactly sure what I was going to do with these materials but I knew I wanted to make a pillow and all the white material is for lots of ruffles that I will post about later this week.

Do you ever do that?  Buy craft materials that  you are not sure how you are going to use.

This is what I came up with…

I think it compliments the chair and the room well.  Plus it makes the chair really comfy!

I decided to go with the envelope style pillow cover mainly because I did not have to worry about a zipper.  To be honest I have never sewn in a zipper in my life!  Someday I will overcome my fear.

I glanced at a couple tutorials online:

Tatertots and Jello &

A Pretty Cool Life

Took about 30 minutes for me to whip out.  Then I could cross “Do a creative thing each day”  off my list and get back to laundry and cleaning.

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