Amazing What a Can of Spray Paint Can Do!

Recently I have been searching for decorating items for my office/craft room.

  While doing this I been thinking about what makes an item that many see as ugly or outdated, catch my eye and beacon for me to take it home and repurpose or freshen it up?

Would this be something that you would stop to take a second look?

This weekend we were helping my step mom clean out her home and have a garage sale.  She has quite a bit of things and when I saw this I knew it could be great.  So I took it home, applied primer spray paint and then a turquoise color.  It was cheap and fast!

I am not exactly sure what it was in its first life.  Maybe a lantern with glass, but for me I love the shape, texture, and now the color.  It is not quite finished.  I am thinking a tall candle or a figurine, but when I see it I will know.

So when you are out at consignment shops, antique stores, or garage sales try to look at items with a new eye and think…can I re-paint it,  it, or sand it?  Do I like the shape, the texture, or the style?

I think that is what true DIY decorators do.  Is they give everything a second look and a second chance.

6 thoughts on “Amazing What a Can of Spray Paint Can Do!

  1. That turned out amazing! If I had to take a guess, it had a little motor and figures going round and round…. Either way, glad it found a new finish and a new home! Yeah for you!

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