Frames within a Frame: Gallery Wall

Gallery walls have become a great way to fill a large empty wall, show off lots of photos and your personality.  I wanted to do mine a little different and fit all the frames into a larger frame so I had been keeping my eyes out for a large frame.  Those things can be expensive…until I got one for free from my step mom’s garage sale, and I got to work!

Brought out the old trusty spray paint and sprayed a few coats.

I then gathered all my random frames and laid them out.  You can see they do not have to fit perfectly.

I then took the frames that did not match and took them outside for some more spray paint!  I LOVE SPRAY PAINT!

Then hang them up and embellish.

This flower was a last minute idea.  I thought the frame needed a little extra umph.  I made it with some material I had laying around and a glue gun.

Don’t you think it fills that wall well?  Love it!

I also made some more ruffles and curtains over my closet, craft space.

The other side of the room is coming together as well.  Still have a couple chairs and a sewing table to paint.  Does your To-Do list continue to grow as well?

Now go start collecting frames around your house.


17 thoughts on “Frames within a Frame: Gallery Wall

  1. What an awesome project. I am always afraid of gallery walls, especially since I live in a small apartment and I feel like it would make the room seem more cluttered. But your idea really gives structure and kind of like boundaries to the gallery wall.

    • Thank you Luliana, I think this would be a good way to control a bunch of frames on a wall, in a small apartment. I appreciate your compliment. Yes the San Diego Temple looks like a castle!

  2. What a cute idea!! Love that desk and your craft space too! I know what you mean about To Do lists – no matter how much you do they just seem to get longer rather than shorter. I read a good quote the other day that said ” I can do ANYTHING, I just can’t do EVERYTHING!” So true!!
    If you get a chance, I would love for you to link up to my link party, The Creative Spark, tomorrow night. Off to look around your blog some more!
    Jenn 🙂

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