Home Tour- Cousin Lynde

I thought it would be fun to highlight some homes and share them with you.  I get inspired when visiting friends and family and looking around so see how they decorate.  No, do not worry if I come to your house I am not going to start poking around and taking photos. ( I will ask first)

So this first home tour is of my cousin, Lynde Mott’s home in Pleasant Grove, Utah.Every room in my cousins house is a masterpiece.  In fact I do not quite know how to rightly express how amazing every corner, wall and piece of furniture is.  For example this photo above shows a painted mural of the Salt Lake LDS temple that continues onto the wall, a family room with a painted floor that reflect the quilt that is hanging on the ceiling and a 360 degree mural of Nauvoo.

Pictures can not do this home justice, but I thought I would give you a taste of what her home is like.  Absolutely amazing!

I mean seriously, who’s home looks like this?  I am honored to say that my cousins’ does!

She hand paints everything in her home and I love her glass doors that let in light throughout her whole house.

Recently she finished her basement and added two bedrooms and a bathroom which of course are each just as amazing as the rest of her home.

My son loves her little boys hanging bed.  Well what little boy would not love that?

Even the small side bathroom off the garage is fantastic!

She even has done her own mosaics, stained glass and painted ceramic tile.  What does this lady not do?  I have not found anything yet!

This is her master bedroom.  So calm and serene.  Looks like a bed and breakfast where I would love to stay.

This bathroom all centers around this painting that she continued as a mural into the rest of the bathroom.

Recently she painted these 6 life-size scriptural characters for a Youth Church conference (“Hall of Heroes”).  When she is asked to do something she goes all out!

They now are placed throughout her home. While she realizes this will not be the final place for them, she is enjoying them while they are here.

I know I did not do my cousin’s house justice with these photos, I do not think it is possible.  But I wanted to give you a glimpse into how she decorates her home.

Thank you Lynde for letting me share your talents I know everyone is in awe of what you do, just like I am every time I visit.

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