Craft Space Peg Board-Tutorial

I have seen a few peg boards used in craft spaces around blog-land. Including this one by Nest of Posies:
Before I thought that peg boards were only for husbands in the garage who wanted to organize their tools.  Once I saw these I realized it was a great way to organize craft tools as well.  So I bought some materials and got to work.

I first laid out my materials:  The peg board I found at Home Depot for under $10. (They sell them cut there, at Lowes they only sell the whole sheet.)

Then call on your husbands help to cut some wood for you with the chop saw.  My husband thinks it is great that I require the power tools just as much as he does.Then pull out the hand sander and give it a once or twice over to make the boards smooth.

Then onto painting.  I pulled out the Glidden free quart of paint I got in the mail.

Color: True Tourquoise

Next sand and ink the boards to give it more of a distressed and worn look.

Then call back the trusty helping and husband to pull out and help with the nail gun.

And the peg board is done!

Well almost, the best part is the organizing.

I got the baskets pegs and hooks for around $20.  This was the most expensive part of the project, but so worth it.  There is such a variety for hanging everything you own.

I love how it turned out and how everything I use most often is right at my fingertips.

Now that stool really needs a new paint job!


13 thoughts on “Craft Space Peg Board-Tutorial

  1. Looks GREAT! So are you in need or projects to make sure your tools are where they need to be? I will put in a few requests!
    I think your next blog entry should be about the cute work station with the hidden drawer under there…Great idea!

    • Thanks Dara! I have plenty of ideas on my to do list. But I can’t get started on them if my craft room is unorganized and I can’t find anything. I will post about the work station, thanks for the idea.

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