Peach Cobbler

Yesterday I was featured on  I was so excited by the respose.  New Facebook Friends, email subscribers and traffic to my blog multiplied by 10!!!

So welcome to all my new friends and followers.  Onto the Peach Cobbler…

We planted a peach tree two years ago, so this year was the first we got to enjoy its fruit.

(don’t mind my horrible pedicure!)

So what do you do with peaches?  Yes, we did eat a few but I wanted to make cobbler.

So a quick internet search brought me to one of my favorite blogs MADE.  She is a fantastic sewer so I knew she had to be a great chef as well!

So off to the kitchen to blanch, peel, cut, stir, mix and bake.

Of course you have vanilla ice cream on the top, YUM!

Also tonight I made one of our favorites Rosemary Focaccia Bread.

You have got to try this recipe, very easy and my family loves it.

Thanks again to all my new supporters!

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