A Wreath for Every Season…Well almost!

One of the first things I noticed when we were looking to buy our home was the large empty space that connected our living room to the basement stairwell.  Right away it beckoned to me to fill it with something.  At first I thought I could find a cool stained glass window to add some color.  But then I spotted these old 3 pained windows that I knew would be perfect.  The first step was a new coat of white paint on these beauties  The next step was to find wreaths to hang.

Over the past 4 years I have collected 3 sets of wreaths.  You would be surprised how hard it is to find a pair of inexpensive wreaths.  It is easy to find one on clearance or at a garage sale, but not two!

First up is the Fall/ Autumn Wreaths

I bought these ones at Robert Arts and Crafts at an end of season clearance.  I have a long garland that goes with them that I hang on the fireplace.  I just added ribbon to hang them and they were ready to go.

The other thing I have to be careful of, is that the wreaths look OK through the back of the windows.  Since this is the view that you see when you fist come in my house.  No ugly styrofoam peeking out the back.

Then there is the Christmas Wreaths:

I know apples are not necessarily Christmasy, but with the evergreen branches, pine cones and the ribbon I wrapped around, it makes it look like the holidays to me.  I use this same ribbon in my tree as well to pull it all together.

Lastly there is the spring/summer wreaths.

When I bought these ones I added the red and yellow flowers to go with the rest of the colors in my living room.So my dilemma every year has been what wreath do I hang up after Christmas until Spring?  I have been pinning some wreaths on Pinterest to see if I can get inspired to create a 4th set of wreaths.  Have you seen anything around that would work for that time of year?


4 thoughts on “A Wreath for Every Season…Well almost!

  1. I love how you hung up the two old windows like you did, with the matching wreaths! All of your wreaths are very pretty. And I can imagine that would be tricky to find two identical wreaths on the cheap! As for a wreath to hang between Christmas and Spring, what about something made of felt? I guess I’m awfully partial to felt, but it is such a lovely and warm textile, and just perfect for winter. 🙂

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


    • Thank you Jenni. Felt sounds like a great idea, I guess I have a few more months to find exactly what I want to make. Thanks for your help. Also I love your blog. That linen garland is fantastic. Your blog is so clean, and refreshing. Have a great weekend!~

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