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So it dawned on me that if I am showing off other homes, that you guys might be interested in seeing my home.  Let me preface by saying when we bought our home 4 years ago it was a foreclosure and we had to put on rose-colored glasses to really see its potential.  Our home needed a lot of work, and although we have done a lot, they are still many more projects on the “to-do list”.

So with that said let’s start with the Master Bedroom:

Although our room is small, it is all we need.  I mean all we do is sleep in here…well, I guess some other stuff too. 🙂  The glass antique door leads to our closet.

Next up the Master Bathroom:

This has been our largest home project yet.  We gutted the whole room took out the closet and added a walk in shower and bathtub.  I absolutely love the spa feel.  There are no windows in this room so I knew I needed to make it light and bright, success!

Onto my Little Boys Room:

Lots of color and books and space to read.  We do not keep toys in their room because they would never go to sleep.  But they do love to look at books so we keep plenty of those around!

Now the Family Room:

This is where we spend most of our time.  Of course I look at this and think about how I want to paint the walls and the entertainment center a lighter color, but that would be a lot of work!  My husband built the shelves.

Next up the Timeout Hallway:

I did paint the “Be Kind to Others” canvas.  I copied it from one I found online…don’t tell.

The Main Bathroom off of the family room:

We tiled, painted, new light, and redid the cupboards and frame around the mirror.  I also painted this painting as well.

Then onto the Kitchen:

You would never guess but in this kitchen I can cook, get things out of the fridge, and clean the dishes without ever moving my feet.  It is fantastic 🙂

The Living Room:

It is nice to have a room set apart from the main part of the house that is usually kept clean.  This way when visitors come over they is at least one room that is presentable.  And you might sense a theme here, but I painted the one over the fireplace…art work is just too expensive, so I do my own!


I guess I could have started here since this is what you see when you first come into my home.  But it is not one of my favorites.  It is pretty small and therefore makes it difficult to greet and say farewell to our visitors, but we make it work.  (Yes, I am a quilter as well.)

Down to the Basement:

I teach preschool out of my home, so this part of the house is taken over by my kids and lots of others 3 and 4 year olds.  It is nice to have this big space for children to play, especially in the winter when we never see the sun!

Downstairs Bathroom:

Not my favorite part of the house.  I think this was a last minute addition of those who finished the basement.  But it works and someday we will do something more with it.

Almost done, stick with me…The Guest Room:

It is great to have a guest room for family and friends to stay.  This room has been used many times and we love when it is.  Come visit anytime!

Last room is the Office/Craft Room:

This has been my current project for a while now and it still is in the works.  To see more of the office go here, here and here.

So that is it, our home.  If there is anything you want to see more of or hear more about please let me know in the comments.  I would love to do more posts on things you guys are interested in.  Thanks for coming to visit!


12 thoughts on “Home Tour-My House

  1. Beautiful home! I am new to your blog but I LOVE your entry way…the windows hanging with wreaths. And the quilts over the wall. I think I will steal some of your ideas :-).

  2. Your home is amazing!!!!!!!!!! I hope to see it in real life sometime. Have you posted about your family rules in your entry way yet? I want to see that up close, i’ve been wanting to make something like that for ages! it looks really awesome, and i’d love to see what your rules are! 🙂

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