My Vanity

You know how you hear that you can tell a lot about a lady by the contents of her purse?

Well, I woke up this morning and thought the same thing about all the items on my vanity.

So I thought I would share with you a little about me…

#1 Picture of my mom: My mother passed away from breast cancer when I was 13.  She is my daily reminder of strength and courage.  I love and miss you, mom!

#2 Flower Headband: I do not like my hair in my face so I have a good handful of headbands.  Usually I wear the black elastic no-slip ones that you can see hanging from the white canister.  But when I want to dress it up I wear one like this flower one.  Thanks to my sister, Heather for mailing it to me for my birthday last year.  It is one of my favorites.

#3 Piece of a Spider Man Toy:  This is evidence that my kids are always close by my side.  Do you ever want to yell, “Can I at least pee alone?”  Well I do, and I know I should treasure these moments with small children hanging on my apron strings, but not while I am trying to go to the bathroom!

#4 CHI:  I love my Ceramic Hair Iron.  I have extremely thick hair and this is the only thing that tames it.  My hair dresser tells me that she has only felt one head of hair thicker than me and that lady was African-American!  So thank you CHI for making it so I can go out in public, well without scaring anyone!

#5 Mullein Flower Oil: My ever patient mother in law grew mullein, picked the flowers and created this oil that reduces pain and speeds recovery time of minor cuts and burns.  We have used it many times, but It think this time it was out because I had a cut on my finger.  Why do small cuts on your finger, sometimes hurt the worst?

#6 Cream: This cream was prescribed to me by my dermatologist.  I have been cursed with extremely dry skin.  Actually I grew up in Southern California where the air is full of moisture.  So now living in Utah, especially during the winter, I need this cream or I scratch so much I make my skin bleed.  So a layer of this goes on after I get out of the shower.  (Do not worry we are saving for a water softener that will help, I can’t wait!)

#7 Contact Case and solution:  Yes I wear contacts!  I wish I could get Lasik but they say to wait until you are done having children because your eyes change a lot during pregnancy and we do not want to have to pay for the procedure twice.  Someday I will be able to wake up and actually see who I am sleeping next to and not just a blurry face!

#8 Eucerin Face Lotion with SPF 25:  Again with the dry skin.  But for my face I know lotion with sun protection is important.  Even though I think I have already caused the damage resulting in large wrinkles when I get old, because of all those days at the beach when I was younger.

#9 Great Lash Mascera: I think i have used this brand of mascera since I started wearing makeup.  Something about the pink bottle and green lid that is easy to find at the store and great price.  And how did my boys get extremely long and dark eyelashes when I go through a bottle of this stuff every month?

#10 My mom’s gold wedding band: If you look close you can see a ring on top of the candle.  One of the items I treasure from my mother.  I had taken it off because it cut into my finger and gave a blister from when I tried for over an hour to start our darn lawn mower!  Yes I do help mow the lawn at our house, it is a big job.  But now I have an excuse, “I can’t start the mower!”

#11 Pocket papers:  These were in my pocket.  One is a sticky note of the size we needed to replace the carpet pad from the window well flood last week.  The other cards are our annual passes to the aquarium that we just purchased.  We thought $36 for 2 adults and 2 kids was a great price for a family activity to last all year.

#12 Hair ties:  Like I said, I have lots of hair and I do not like it in my face.  So these can be found all around the house, in a variety of colors.

#13 Pearl Necklace: I am guessing this is from wearing to church on Sunday.  I do not wear pearls everyday.  From one of my favorite stores DownEast Basics.  I think half my wardrobe is from there!

#14 Tweezers:  I am kind of obsessed with tweezing and popping things!  It is not that I want my eyebrows or face to look perfect I just think it is fun and addicting.  I know I should probably be admitted.  SHHH do not tell anyone about my obsession.

#15 His and Hers SoniCare Toothbrushes:  We love SoniCare electric toothbrushes.  I believe that these are the reasons there are not many cavities in our house.  I know they can be pricey especially the new heads, (So rude when they do that $10 for a new printer but $100 for new cartridges that you will need to replace every week!)  but so worth it!

So did the stuff on my vanity tell you lots about me?  I think so!

Now your turn, what is on your bathroom vanity?