Burlap-Ruffle Window Treatment-Tutorial

Still working on the office and I probably will be for quite awhile.  But I am having a great time in the process!

We have lived in our house for almost 4 years.  Our house was a foreclosure and needed a lot of love when we moved in.  The office had two Pepto Bismol Pink walls.  At the time I thought the best solution was to paint the pink walls red.  And it stayed that way for quite some time.

  I have painted and decorated every room and am now going back and starting over.  I have mentioned before about my design shift.  I feel like I have gone from dark, bold, Tuscany to now bright, light and fresh.  Shelley from the House of Smiths has been my inspiration.

So the next step to the office redecorating was a window treatment.

I did not want anything heavy or covering the window at all.  This room is in the basement and it only has one window.

So after buying some burlap (surprised at how inexpensive burlap it) and plain white cotton material, I got to work.  First, I measured the board and cut the burlap long enough to wrap around both sides.  I then cut the white material into 3″ strips.

I then ran the strips through my sewing machine to ruffle them.  I used the highest sitch length my machine has at 5.0 and set the tension as tight as it could go at 9.  This spit the ruffles right out the back.

If you do not get the ruffle effect you are looking for straight from your machine you can always pull one of the threads and manually ruffle each strip with your hands.

I then sewed three ruffles onto the burlap.

Next I took out my staple gun…love this craft tool!

I stapled the burlap around the top of the board.

Then I screwed two shelf brackets over the window.

And placed the board right on top.  I didn’t even screw the brackets into the board.

Neat to see how this room has changed.

Go here, here and here to see what else I have done in my office/craft room.

(Don’t mind the window sill that is on the to-do list as well!)


The Green Chair Has a Pillow

I have gotten a great response to my Spray Painted Chair Redo.

I wanted to share with you the pillow I made for that chair.

If you are friends of Love My Element on Facebook you would have seen that I had purchased a few things about a week ago from Hobby Lobby.

Some ladies go get their nails done to get out of the house, or go clothes shopping.  I walk around Hobby Lobby!

I was not exactly sure what I was going to do with these materials but I knew I wanted to make a pillow and all the white material is for lots of ruffles that I will post about later this week.

Do you ever do that?  Buy craft materials that  you are not sure how you are going to use.

This is what I came up with…

I think it compliments the chair and the room well.  Plus it makes the chair really comfy!

I decided to go with the envelope style pillow cover mainly because I did not have to worry about a zipper.  To be honest I have never sewn in a zipper in my life!  Someday I will overcome my fear.

I glanced at a couple tutorials online:

Tatertots and Jello &

A Pretty Cool Life

Took about 30 minutes for me to whip out.  Then I could cross “Do a creative thing each day”  off my list and get back to laundry and cleaning.