Wedding Crasher: Scottish, Tartan and Purple

So I am kind of  Nazi about weddings and receptions.  I think it is a curse that I have such strong opinions about them.  Not that I have any background in wedding planning at all, I just think there are so many great ideas out there if you just think outside the box and stop doing what everyone else is doing.  With that said I thought it would be fun to do some special posts called “Wedding Crasher”  to highlight some weddings and receptions that I get to attend.

This reception was a guy friends of mine that I graduated from high school with. It was held in Draper, Utah at a golf course club house called The Point.  There was a gorgeous view up on the bench of the Wasatch Mountains.

(Sidenote:  What is it about wedding reception lines?  Are they really necessary?  Why not wander around and enjoy your own reception and people can come up to you when you are free to say their congratulations.)

Back to the party…It was a Scottish themed wedding to pay tribute to their heritage.  Lots of purple tartan material and ribbon.

It was very open with lots of room inside and outside.

Especially with the fantastic views and sunset.

I loved the simple yet classy decorations that highlighted their heritage and personalities.

They had this basket of purple taffy as you walked out as a thank you!

Simple refreshments and a cake with purple ribbon.

Always cute kids at wedding receptions.

And a gorgeous bride.

Overall a nice reception with a few touches of personality and tradition.