Peach Cobbler

Yesterday I was featured on  I was so excited by the respose.  New Facebook Friends, email subscribers and traffic to my blog multiplied by 10!!!

So welcome to all my new friends and followers.  Onto the Peach Cobbler…

We planted a peach tree two years ago, so this year was the first we got to enjoy its fruit.

(don’t mind my horrible pedicure!)

So what do you do with peaches?  Yes, we did eat a few but I wanted to make cobbler.

So a quick internet search brought me to one of my favorite blogs MADE.  She is a fantastic sewer so I knew she had to be a great chef as well!

So off to the kitchen to blanch, peel, cut, stir, mix and bake.

Of course you have vanilla ice cream on the top, YUM!

Also tonight I made one of our favorites Rosemary Focaccia Bread.

You have got to try this recipe, very easy and my family loves it.

Thanks again to all my new supporters!


Craft Space Peg Board-Tutorial

I have seen a few peg boards used in craft spaces around blog-land. Including this one by Nest of Posies:
Before I thought that peg boards were only for husbands in the garage who wanted to organize their tools.  Once I saw these I realized it was a great way to organize craft tools as well.  So I bought some materials and got to work.

I first laid out my materials:  The peg board I found at Home Depot for under $10. (They sell them cut there, at Lowes they only sell the whole sheet.)

Then call on your husbands help to cut some wood for you with the chop saw.  My husband thinks it is great that I require the power tools just as much as he does.Then pull out the hand sander and give it a once or twice over to make the boards smooth.

Then onto painting.  I pulled out the Glidden free quart of paint I got in the mail.

Color: True Tourquoise

Next sand and ink the boards to give it more of a distressed and worn look.

Then call back the trusty helping and husband to pull out and help with the nail gun.

And the peg board is done!

Well almost, the best part is the organizing.

I got the baskets pegs and hooks for around $20.  This was the most expensive part of the project, but so worth it.  There is such a variety for hanging everything you own.

I love how it turned out and how everything I use most often is right at my fingertips.

Now that stool really needs a new paint job!

Fancy Framed Burlap Cork Board

This was a guest post that I shared over at Family Ever After a couple of weeks ago.  I thought you would want to see it here as well!

Today I wanted to share with you a frame that I gave a second chance at life as a bulletin board.

I think the frame used to be a mirror.  I got it for free from my step mom who was cleaning out her home.  Who could pass that up?  For sure not me!

First grab some materials:

Then a couple coats of white spray paint.Can I quickly confess my love for spray paint!  Such a quick cheap fix to anything.  Here and here are a couple more things I have spray painted recently.

While it was drying I worked on the insert.It already had a piece of cardboard inside the frame so I covered that in cork board.  This came in a roll from Hobby Lobby for around $7.  (Don’t forget to take your 40% off coupon!)  You can see the arrow is where I had to piece it together a bit.  You will not see this later when I cover it.

I then pulled out my can of spray adhesive and some left over burlap.  (I was surprised how inexpensive burlap is!  I may have to use this more often.)  I attached the burlap to the card/cork board and even used the spray adhesive to wrap it around the back.

I then sandwiched it all together.  (If you look close you will notice I screwed in the back upside down.  But of course I did not notice until I went to hang it!)

Now before I show you the finished product let me show you the cute pins I made to hand the pictures.  Any cute bulletin board needs fancy pins too right?

This pack of 6 bottle caps came with round double-sided foam circles.  I stuck those on the back and then hot glued thumb tacks on.  Quick, easy and so fun!

So this is what we ended up with:

I think it goes great with my current office remodel.  Go here and here if you want to see more of what is going on the new office/craft/sewing room.

Home Tour- Cousin Lynde

I thought it would be fun to highlight some homes and share them with you.  I get inspired when visiting friends and family and looking around so see how they decorate.  No, do not worry if I come to your house I am not going to start poking around and taking photos. ( I will ask first)

So this first home tour is of my cousin, Lynde Mott’s home in Pleasant Grove, Utah.Every room in my cousins house is a masterpiece.  In fact I do not quite know how to rightly express how amazing every corner, wall and piece of furniture is.  For example this photo above shows a painted mural of the Salt Lake LDS temple that continues onto the wall, a family room with a painted floor that reflect the quilt that is hanging on the ceiling and a 360 degree mural of Nauvoo.

Pictures can not do this home justice, but I thought I would give you a taste of what her home is like.  Absolutely amazing!

I mean seriously, who’s home looks like this?  I am honored to say that my cousins’ does!

She hand paints everything in her home and I love her glass doors that let in light throughout her whole house.

Recently she finished her basement and added two bedrooms and a bathroom which of course are each just as amazing as the rest of her home.

My son loves her little boys hanging bed.  Well what little boy would not love that?

Even the small side bathroom off the garage is fantastic!

She even has done her own mosaics, stained glass and painted ceramic tile.  What does this lady not do?  I have not found anything yet!

This is her master bedroom.  So calm and serene.  Looks like a bed and breakfast where I would love to stay.

This bathroom all centers around this painting that she continued as a mural into the rest of the bathroom.

Recently she painted these 6 life-size scriptural characters for a Youth Church conference (“Hall of Heroes”).  When she is asked to do something she goes all out!

They now are placed throughout her home. While she realizes this will not be the final place for them, she is enjoying them while they are here.

I know I did not do my cousin’s house justice with these photos, I do not think it is possible.  But I wanted to give you a glimpse into how she decorates her home.

Thank you Lynde for letting me share your talents I know everyone is in awe of what you do, just like I am every time I visit.

Frames within a Frame: Gallery Wall

Gallery walls have become a great way to fill a large empty wall, show off lots of photos and your personality.  I wanted to do mine a little different and fit all the frames into a larger frame so I had been keeping my eyes out for a large frame.  Those things can be expensive…until I got one for free from my step mom’s garage sale, and I got to work!

Brought out the old trusty spray paint and sprayed a few coats.

I then gathered all my random frames and laid them out.  You can see they do not have to fit perfectly.

I then took the frames that did not match and took them outside for some more spray paint!  I LOVE SPRAY PAINT!

Then hang them up and embellish.

This flower was a last minute idea.  I thought the frame needed a little extra umph.  I made it with some material I had laying around and a glue gun.

Don’t you think it fills that wall well?  Love it!

I also made some more ruffles and curtains over my closet, craft space.

The other side of the room is coming together as well.  Still have a couple chairs and a sewing table to paint.  Does your To-Do list continue to grow as well?

Now go start collecting frames around your house.